2 races, 2 wins for Vitor Sá and Pedro Calado that debuted at the Rally of Machico the new developments in engine and suspension of the Peugeot 207 S2000 in order to prepare as best as possible the ERC RALLY VINHO MADEIRA. In Group N was Miguel Nunes who took the best followed by Joao Magalhaes.

A huge part of the morning brought complications to all riders with heavy rain and say that Vitor Sa, who lost for just the first special Miguel Nunes but soon came to the leadership to never to give up finishing the race with 1 minute and 10 seconds advantage for Miguel Nunes. Despite the difficult conditions in the first section of the rally, we witnessed a very fast way of earning Nunes very early precious seconds to managing your opponents the advantage in the afternoon and adding a few more victory in Group N.

At the lowest place in the podium was that Joao Magalhaes in the afternoon made a proof of high level but could not get to Miguel Nunes for Magalhaes lost a lot of time in special morning where rain was present. This was followed by Filipe Freitas that in this test had no problems in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X arrived and doing good "chronos" in the afternoon. But despite all atravessadelas with the pilot provided the spectators who were huge in the Super-Special lost precious seconds on the final standings and thus ceded 3rd place to Magalhaes.

In fifth place was Duarte Ramos concludes that further evidence to the Lancer EVO IX and always giving great show getting in front of André Silva, who won in Machico and Rafael Costa Júnior. Undoubtedly the best result this season and this victory for Silva will surely bring more confidence to the pilot being the championship open to an interesting fight. More than 1 minute Filipe Pires was another Citroen C2. It was a very bad for this team that has faced various problems throughout the rally merely take the car to the end despite the great difficulties in completing the last special.

Isabel Ramos finished the race in 8th place overall in front of Antonio Nunes had a race to forget. First, when the floor was wet i did not want to risk losing several seconds and then in the afternoon a hole in the Lancer has caused the pilot to lose even more seconds finishing in 9th place. Rounding out the Top 10 Bruno Fernandes was still faced with some problems but managed to solve the Yaris and end further proof.

Gabriel Fernandes reached the city of Machico Rally the second Open Championship victory at Rally Madeira. Even with adverse conditions and a pawn in the first special of the day, the pilot has printed a very strong pace throughout the rally and left no escape vitória.O was second in the Open again to Nuno Nobrega, who showed good progress without committing erros.Emanuel Martins after two big dropouts, joined the rally in order to achieve a good result, coming to the end of the rally in the third position. Jose Romero with an Opel Corsa A was ranked fourth, in Figueira Dinarte Opel Corsa A was fifth, Paul Castro with a Toyota Starlet was sixth, in Augustine Bettencourt Opel Corsa B and Pedro Macedo was the seventh in a Toyota Starlet was eighth.

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